[Results] Siam Warriors Superfights/Lion Fight 48

[Results] Siam Warriors Superfights/Lion Fight 48

Lionfight Superfight Light Welterweight – 64kg – 5x3min

  • Sean Clancy (Siam Warriors, Ireland) defeats Chris Mauceri (New York, USA) via Unanimous Decision

Full Thai Rules Silver Series Title Bout – 100kg – 3×3

  • Darragh Kennedy (Champion M.A.) defeats Staz (Siam Warriors) via Split Decision

Superfight Middleweight – 72.5kg – 5x3min

  • Eddie Abasolo (CSA California, USA) defeats Wayne Cambridge (Siam Warriors, Ireland) via 4th round TKO

Irish ISKA Bantamweight A Class Title Bout

  • Ian Crotty (Courage Muay Thai) defeats Aaron McGahey (Siam Warriors) via 1st round KO (0:53)

Full Thai Rules – 3x3min

  • Erik Hehir (Courage Muay Thai) defeats Eoin McCarthy (Siam Warriors) via Majority Decision – 67kg
  • Mo Kale (Waterford Muay Thai) defeats Emmanuel Aliphon (Chaiyo) via Unanimous Decision – 69kg

Irish ISKA Light Heavyweight A Class Thai – 78kg – 5x3min

  • Dylan Meagher (Courage Muay Thai) defeats Keith “Wally” Levins (Team TM) via Unanimous Decision

Full Thai Rules Silver Series – 3x3min

  • Jay Counsel (309 Phuang Malai) defeas Finn Keating (Siam Warriors) via 2nd round TKO (1:02) – 57kg Title Bout
  • Lee Walton (Dublin Thaiboxing) defeats Ryan Cremin (Cobra Thai) via 2nd round KO (0:10) – 67kg Title Bout
  • Mark McGahey (Siam Warriors) defeats Kelvin O’Sullivan (Samson M.A.) via 2nd Round KO (2:35) – 63.5kg Title Bout
  • Cian Hurley (Siam Warriors) defeats Faisal Azimi (Eire Muay Siam) via Unanimous Decision – 60kg Title Bout

C Class Thai – 3x2min

  • Jeanderson Castro (Phoenix Combat) defeats Ciaran Kearney (Assassins Dublin) via 1st round TKO (1:02) – 74kg
  • Aaron O’Reilly (Origins) defeats Nacim Yo (Siam Warriors) via Unanimous Decision – 63kg
  • Keelan Foran (Cork Thai) defeats Luke O’Kelly (Cobra Thai) via 2nd round KO (0:24) – 71kg
  • Ciara Donnelly (Samson M.A.) defeats Paula Antonia (SBG Ireland) via Unanimous Decision – 53kg
  • Arsen Kovalchuk (Origins) defeats Robert Murphy (Samson M.A.) via Unanimous Decision – 71kg
  • Shazard Ponde (Valhalla) defeats Dean O’Sullivan (Siam Warriors) via 3rd round TKO (0:29) – 65kg
  • Karl Tannian (Siam Warriors) defeats Carl Sweeney (Waterford Muay Thai) via 1st round TKO (1:58) – 56.5kg

Siam Warriors Superfights/Lion Fight 48
Neptune Stadium, Cork, Ireland
Oct 13th 2018

Event ResultsMuay Thai / K-1

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