Post fight interview with Kiefer Crosbie at BAMMA27 / Bellator 169

Kiefer Crosbie: “I want it to be a one-sided victory every time I fight”

SBG’s welterweight prospect Kiefer Crosbie (2-0) takes on Dariusz Swierkosz (3-1) at BAMMA 30 where he aims to keep his unbeaten professional record intact on July 7th.

The Dubliner has never been to a third-round in his amateur or professional career to date and has no plans of going the distance anytime soon.

Crosbie is adamant that he can challenge for world titles one day and with an ability to finish fights through strikes or submissions he’s proven already that he has the talent to go far in the sport.

“I’m a fighter, not a competitor. I’m not competing in MMA, I’m not showing up to win rounds or pin people to the mat and hold them down to grind out a victory. I’m looking to kill people in there. I’m getting in there to finish everybody that I fight, this is not a joke to me.

“It’s sport in the gym but when that cage door locks and the ref says fight that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to run across that cage and try to get you out of there quick. I’ve never been to a third-round in any of my amateur or professional fights and I don’t plan on ever going to a third-round to be honest,” Crosbie told Fightstore Media.

“I want to come home, watch my fight back afterwards and be satisfied that I went out there and smoked people in vicious fashion; and know that it was done with pure skill and technique. I want it to be a one-sided victory every time I fight.”

Swierkosz, who stepped in as a replacement for Harry Marple (4-2), has not fought since 2015 and Crosbie believes that the Polish fighter will not be able to handle the step-up in class, predicting a ‘first-round finish’.

“I think anybody who faces me must step up their game. It’s a big show, a big stage, in my hometown, so, any man that’s not from here and steps in against me, it’ll be bad news for them.”

At BAMMA 27 in December, Crosbie impressed against Englishman Conor Riordan (1-1); after being caught in a knee bar attempt, he remained composed to win via triangle choke in the second-round.

Crosbie’s will to succeed meant that he spent time analysing his performance to correct the flaws in his game.

“I was more disappointed that he caught me with a nice hip throw. He’s a judo black belt so he caught me with a hip throw which is an unorthodox kind of throw. I don’t really get taken down a lot. I just fixed it, moved on and I’m better now.

“You’re never the same fighter that you were yesterday, if you are then you’re doing something wrong, you need to be getting better every day. There was a couple of flaws but that good, that’s normal, it’s good to have flaws in fights so you can write them down and learn from them,” he said.

“My frame of mind has changed completely. I’ve been through some personal shit in the past year and it’s just made me who I am. They say that you have to reach rock bottom to bounce back and reach the top so it’s kind of one of those situations.

“I’ve never felt more focused in my life, everything just seems to be clicking into place. The Kiefer of today would kill the Kiefer of 12 months ago.”

The Dubliner has already laid down some serious goals for himself to achieve in his career.

“I’m looking to make money and win a world title. I don’t care what people think of me or what ranking they give me; I’m number one in my mind. Every time I go into a fight I believe that I am the best fighter in the world.

“I want to be on a big show, I want a UFC contract. When I get there, I’ll be making big statements, taking everyone out and earning big money. That’s a guaranteed fact and it’s only a matter of time before it happens.”

Testament to his success have been both his work ethic and dedication to training; something which he believes other fighters seem to neglect as they’re obsessed with being the ‘next big thing’.

“Nobody trains as hard as me and that’s a fact. Everyone is trying to be the next big thing and talk their way into that position and good for them. But, when that cage door locks and the ref says, ‘fight’, you’ll see who’s actually put the work in, the real proper work.

“Mouth pieces don’t last long when it comes to fighting. You can talk the talk but you need to walk to walk as well. I do both. They’re just talking shit and trying to look cool because it’s seen as the cool thing to do now. Look back to any of my fights, even back to 2010 and you’ll see that this is the way that I’ve been, I’m not trying to be like anybody else.

“I know the work that I put in, I’m not a liar. Cockiness is just fake confidence. I’m over-confident and I’ve every right to be. None of these cocky fools will last, give them a loss and see where they go. I could lose 20 in a row and I’d still be in the gym Monday believing that I can be a world champion.”

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