Injury forces Kiefer Crosbie to miss BAMMA 32 card

Kiefer Crosbie: ‘Baby Slice’ is the biggest bitch in MMA

Last week, Bellator announced that Kevin ‘Baby Slice’ Ferguson Jr., son of famed street-fighter turned MMA superstar Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson, would fight Fred Freeman (2-0) at Bellator 187, on November 10th in Dublin.

It was an announcement that prompted SBG’s Kiefer Crosbie (3-0) to call him ‘the biggest bitch in MMA’.

There is history between both fighters.

As James Gallagher’s rivalry with AJ McKee developed on social media, Ferguson became involved in the narrative which prompted Crosbie to call him out.

During a series of messages between the pair, Crosbie called for ‘Baby Slice’ to fight him but the Miami-based fighter rejected the offer stating that he was fighting in the ‘lightweight’ division. He went on to suggest that Crosbie could fight one of his teammates.

“He’s coming to Dublin to fight some cabbage that nobody knows. It clearly should have been me who got that fight. Spike and Bellator are protecting him. That’s a fact, they don’t want him to get hurt.

“I would end his career in one round, simple as that. He’s not a fighter, he’s an actor,” Crosbie told Fightstore Media.

“This all started after James [Gallagher] and AJ McKee started going back and forth online. Then he joined in and said something to James. I jumped on him then. I said that James could fight AJ and I’d fight him.

“I have all our messages saved as screenshots. There’s proof there that I asked him straight out to fight and he wouldn’t fight me. Everyone thinks he’s a big gangster from the streets who’ll fight anyone but he won’t fight me.”

Since turning pro, Ferguson has fought at a 165lb catchweight and his upcoming bout in Dublin will be no different. Crosbie was sceptical of this decision.

“As soon as I send him a message, all of a sudden, he wants to drop a weight class. He just made up a weight class of 165 for his fights. That’s not even a real weight class.

“If he’s trying to relive his father’s legacy then he should be saying f**k the weight class let’s just fight. He doesn’t want anything got to do with me.

“I’d chop off me leg to make that weight class and I’d still beat him. That’s how shit he is.”

Crosbie campaigned publicly for a fight against Ferguson on social media in the past and believes that Bellator are missing out on ‘big business’.

“I’m probably the biggest draw in Irish MMA on the domestic scene now. They’re giving stupid match-ups. I don’t know what they’re trying to do.

“If they don’t want to sell an arena out then it’s a bad business move. Me and him is a big business fight. There’s beef and history there. I just think it’s an easy payday.

“These people aren’t real fighters. I’m a real fighter. I said it from the start. I’ll fight anybody.”

When ‘Baby Slice’ makes his way to the cage on November 10th Crosbie called for the Irish crowd to give a hostile reception.

“That’s my arena, I want it to be a hostile reception. He’s coming to my country to fight an American? That makes no sense.

“I hope he grows a set of balls and does call me out. He’ll probably say it with an adrenaline rush. He’s going to win that fight. The guy is only 1-0, he’s only a cabbage.

“They’re setting him up to win. They want him to be like his father. But, he’s not. He grew up rich and cushy in a mansion. His Da’ done all the hard work. He’s a rich boy acting like a tough guy.”





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