‘Happy’ Derry Guinan thriving on being ‘underdog’ ahead of RFC

Derry Guinan, who performs at the Real Fighting Championship on September 17 in the Foyle Arena, Derry for his pro K-1 debut, is an honest and disciplined martial artist.  

But what was more prevalent than anything else from our phone call, was that Guinan is happy.

As he said himself, the county Derry fans “can expect a happy fella walking out there, just to have fun, there’s no pressure on me, the pressure’s all on Brian (Houston), he’s in front of his home crowd, no one is expecting anything of me so that’s fair enough; I will come in under the radar and have fun”.

The SBG fighter expressed his enthusiasm ahead of the launch of new promotion Real Fighting Championship.

“Can’t fucking wait,” began the affable combatant. “My coach came to me and said ‘how do you feel about making your pro debut on this big show on Real Fighting Championship’ and I said ‘fuck it lets do it, if I don’t do it now I’ll never do it.’

Guinan rated his chances of victory against Derry native and popular fighter Brian Houston.

“I’m pretty confident actually. I think I can cause an upset if I am clearly an underdog from the way people are talking but I don’t mind it.

“I will go up there and feed off that crowd energy, good or bad, I don’t mind. I know what I’m capable of and I’m a hard worker so we will see how it goes when we get in there,” he added.

We asked Guinan about his journey in martial arts so far and he ended his answer with the telling word he used multiple times throughout the interview.

“I was 21, overweight, I was playing hurling and football, getting hurt a lot and I kind of gave it up [because] they weren’t looking after me.”

He continued: “I decided to take up kickboxing in my hometown of Tullamore in Offaly and to get into the fighting side of things and I’m four years fighting there last week and I’m happy.”

The explosive Guinan, who is coming off wins at WCFC and Warrior FC, is a UFC admirer and has ambitions to compete in mixed martial arts one day.

Next month he will test his K-1 skills in a cage rather than a ring as the promotion is also showcasing MMA bouts. But Guinan doesn’t expect that to be problematic.

“I haven’t fought in a cage before but I’ve trained a lot in a cage so I’ve adapted my training to cage sparring and stuff like that and I know my way around a cage at this stage.”

Will he formulate a particular gameplan based upon Houston’s strengths and weaknesses? Guinan provided the following insight.

“I love to go on gameplans but [for previous fights] I was waiting on people to throw stuff and I was expecting this stuff to be thrown and I waited the whole fight and was like ‘Jesus Christ he’s not throwing this’ so it didn’t work for me so I was like fuck it, I said no gameplan, kind of expect things but don’t wait for them to come and if it comes then have an answer for it.”

All going well September 17, how will Derry Guinan celebrate victory after his pro K-1 debut?

“I’m going to show respect to my opponent and have a bit of fun and go eat some good food again and be happy. That’s how I celebrate; I’m not a big ego fighter so I’m just happy to be fighting.

Guinan added: “I think it’s good to show respect to your opponent especially after the fight, before the fight everything happens, you go out to the cage or ring and sort it out in there; you come out and show respect. That’s the way I see it. Without eachother we wouldn’t fight.”

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