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‘Chloe is heartbroken’: Dad’s fury after daughter told she can’t do boxing and Muay Thai

The father of a 12-year-old girl who was left humiliated in the National Stadium has slammed the IABA for “bullying” his daughter out of boxing.

Chloe Black had made weight and was minutes away from boxing for an Irish title when the IABA ruthlessly dumped her from the final on Friday night after a late complaint about her Muay Thai background.

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The Carlow girl started Muay Thai four years ago in response to being bullied in school.

Her coaches at Tullow Amateur Boxing Club claim the IABA was aware of her Muay Thai record.

Eric Black, Chloe’s dad, told Fighstore Media why he first took his daughter to Carlow Muaythai.

“She had no confidence and friends would come to the house and she would sit there frozen,” he said.

“We brought her to Carlow Muaythai to just watch and they said not to worry about money until she started training.

“One day she just gave it ago and the change was brilliant. Friends, family and her school commented on how she was coming out of her shell.

“She would cry going and coming home from school and that all stopped after she started training.”

Chloe found a love for combat and started becoming successful in boxing, obtaining a national title and two Leinster titles.

Chloe Black

Chloe Black

However, despite winning the quarter and semi-final of the women’s nationals, Chloe was left devastated at the National Stadium’s finale on Friday.

Despite having taken part in the traditional pre-fight ring parade, IABA officials told her coaches the trip from Carlow was wasted after receiving a complaint.

“She was training so hard,” Eric said. “She has a perfect record and was fairly confident she would win. She’s just heartbroken.”

He claims the IABA is sending out a backwards message to children and said his daughter no longer wants to box.

“It’s ridiculous,” he added. “Kids leave school at 18 and don’t know what they want to become in life.

“We need to give this poor girl a chance. She came home on Friday and she wanted to go training in Muay Thai on Saturday.

“I wouldn’t let her because the tears were still streaming down her face.”

Eric thanked people associated with all combat sports who have sent words of encouragement since Friday’s nightmare.

“I won’t let this die,” he said. “I never want to see another child go through this.”

Tullow Amateur Boxing Club hailed Chloe as a future Katie Taylor and said they would never ask a child to choose just one sport.

Fightstore Media has contacted the IABA for a response.




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