Watch: Allan Phelan v Jamie Quinn - Red Corner Promotions: For Honour and Pride

Allan Phelan determined to overcome shock defeat by making a statement against Rogowski

Allan Phelan [8(5)-3(1)-1] admits that he will not make the same mistakes twice on his return to the ring.

The Kildare featherweight suffered a shock defeat to English journeyman Jamie Quinn [3(0)-40(1)-2] at Red Corner Promotions ‘For Honour and Pride’ in June.

They say that great fighters are defined by their attitudes towards defeat and Phelan’s determination to bounce back and move forward are strong indicators of his mentality.

He will face Poland’s Krzysztof Rogowski [10(5)-21(11)] on Red Corner Promotions ‘Champions Elect’ card on October 7th.

“We thought that we’d done enough to take the win. It’s boxing at the end of the day; sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

“If anything, it’s just made me drive harder. There’s more want from myself to get in there and shine. There’s not much pressure, it’s still a fight. There’s more want and will to get in there now,” he told Fightstore Media.

There’s little positives to take from defeat but the former American-based fighter acknowledged that he must work harder and overcome the ‘small setback’.

“At times when you’re training you’re always going to take your foot off the pedal. It was a small setback but I’m just going to let it go now and get over it. You just take it on the chin and move forward.

“I want to move forward and put my foot back on the gas. I just need to grind and work harder. I’ll get back in there and show everyone that I’m here to stay and that I should be at featherweight.”

Phelan is a natural featherweight but moved up in weight to face Quinn at lightweight in a decision which he now regrets.

“I was at the wrong weight and that was one slip up. I boxed at 130lb and then we went to 133lb which I shouldn’t have done.

“Guys are coming in bigger at that weight, they’re coming down in weight while I was walking around at the weight. It’s all about learning at this stage in my career. It was a small setback but now we know that I’m a natural featherweight.”

Rogowski, who holds a notable victory over Carl Frampton as an amateur, will not be an easy assignment for Phelan to overcome

The 36-year-old has previously shared the ring with James Tennyson [19(15)-2(2)-0)] and fellow Irishman Eric Donovan [5(3)-0-0], suffering TKO losses to both fighters.

The Newbridge fighter is hoping that he can make a statement on the night and told fans to expect a ‘very exciting night’.

Victory is the number one priority on October 7th as Phelan looks towards title contention in 2018.

“I want to try and get another fight in before the end of the year. The boxing scene is picking up so there’s going to be several shows in 2018.

“I’ve sat down with my team and put a plan together and we’re aiming for title fights next year.”


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