Watch: Dylan “The Nuke” Tuke to be reborn at Bamma 32

SBGi fighter Dylan Tuke (3 wins,1 defeat) joined the lads on Obviously Fight Talk this week in what was an incredibly honest and open interview.

We haven’t seen the Dubliner in action since his Bellator debut back in December 2016 were he was on the end of a TKO loss inside 25 seconds to Cameron Else. Tuke as some might, didn’t shy away from speaking about the night that he lost his 0. The moment the young man had feared all of his mma career. The aftermath of the defeat backstage and what happened the next day.

Throughout the interview you cannot be impressed with Dylan’s mindset and approach to the defeat, he shows maturity far behind his age. Taking counsel from his close teammates and family.

Why the almost year break from the cage seems to be the big question leading up to Tukes return? Dylan addresses this in great detail.

We wont give away too much of the interview but on his opponent David Khalsa Dylan had this to say

“I’m a super solid purple belt, I could grade David Khalsa up to blue belt, maybe I’ll feel nice after the fight when I sub him or when I do whatever, maybe I’ll give him a blue belt just because I’m nice like that”.

Don’t call this a comeback because Tuke didn’t go anywhere, this is Dylan Tuke reborn.

Hit the video to watch to the full interview on Obviously Fight Talk with Dylan Tuke.

Interview starting at 18:28


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