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  • Conor Keogh: “It’s just going to be f**king madness when we score on each other”

    Conor Keogh: “It’s just going to be f**king madness”

    Two of the most notorious Thai boxing gyms in Dublin go head-to-head at the Takeover 9 on June 10th. Warriors and Lionheart continue to produce phenomenally talented fighters but have rarely faced each other in competition. Conor Keogh (Warriors) makes his long-awaited return to action in a five-round B-Class...
  • Cian Hogan vs Eamon Deane

    Fightstore Media’s Top 5 Fights of the Night – The Takeover 9

    No. 1 –  Jay Counsel (309) defeats Ian Crotty (Courage) via Unanimous Decision – C Class Thai – 55kg A classic war of attrition and it deservedly takes our number one spot. Counsel dominated early but Crotty displayed incredible heart and determination to comeback and provide the audience with...