Steve Owens: “I definitely see myself getting the finish”

Steve Owens: “I definitely see myself getting the finish”

Steve Owens (SBG) feels confident ahead of his 75kg fight against Paul O’Connor (309) at Warriors FC V on the 6th February. SBG’s newest member has enjoyed his move from Derry to Dublin and he’ll be looking to secure his first win of the year against O’Connor. His future may lie MMA but Owens is not taking this fight lightly as he hopes to stay busy in 2016.

Speaking about his training since moving to SBG he said, “I feel good and I’m still learning lots. I done some Jiu-Jitsu a couple of years ago back in Derry with Cian McFadden who’s a purple belt and runs a club called Combat Jiu-Jitsu. I was training with him and also doing K1 with Strike. I always felt like I wanted to merge the two together so that made me decide to go to SBG. I’m going to make my MMA debut hopefully in April but until then I want to stay busy competition wise. That’s why I choose to fight at Warriors FC V. I’ll also be fighting Dawid Blaszke on the 5th March in Derry so that’ll be huge for me.”

He also admitted that after these two fights it would ‘hopefully wrap up the K1 scene’ for him ahead of his MMA debut.

Owens faces Paul O’Connor in what should be a very exciting fight. Both men have a lot of support and will be looking for a finish.

“I don’t know much about him. I know that he’s a much respected member of the Muay Thai community and he’s got a lot of support which is absolutely fantastic and I’ve a lot of respect for it. I thrive of the support I have in Derry. Any home show I go to is absolutely crazy. They say Ireland has the best fans in the world but I’d say that Derry has the best fans in Ireland,” he said.

Steve also gave us his prediction of how he sees the fight going on the 6th February.

“I definitely see myself getting the finish. I respect him but I feel like I’m better in all areas. No matter who I’m up against I feel confident in my own ability.”

For this fight he’s being trained by Karl Cannon at SBG. Under his coaching Owens feels confident and has a lot of gratitude to him for seeing potential in his ability.

“He’s the reason I got down to SBG in the first place because he spotted me on a local show and brought me down for a few training sessions and we’ve developed from there. It’s going to be a pleasure to have him in my corner for this k1 bout.”

Last year Owens won the ISKA 5 Nations Belt in Derry and he reflected on the experience.

“That was amazing! It was great to lift the belt after a year of hard work. I think I had around 11 fights in the space of a year. On average I was fighting every four weeks and I beat some big names. Lifting the belt in Derry was an amazing experience.”

Since moving to SBG it’s been a ‘fantastic experience’ for him. Speaking about the move he said, “I was up in Derry studying Sports Massage, working full time and also training. I was living a pretty comfortable life but then I said to myself that fighting is what I really wanted to do. If I wanted to be professional I decided that I’d have to go to SBG. I’ve always wanted to join it. I made the move and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

“This is my path to success now and i’m going to add to the list of merits that SBG hold. I will be showcasing my talent on the global stage soon.”

“It’s completely surreal seeing the likes of Paddy Holohan and Conor McGregor in the gym. It’s been fantastic to train alongside them. John Kavanagh is just a wealth of knowledge. I’ve really enjoyed picking up things from him; it’s been fantastic.”

His future lies in MMA and Owens is confident he can make a name for himself.

“MMA is what I want to do in the future. I feel like I have a big future in MMA. It’s so unpredictable because you could be doing well on the feet but then it ends up on the floor and it can be any man’s game when that happens. I love Muay Thai and K1 don’t get me wrong. It’s an absolutely fantastic sport but my future lies with MMA.”

Another teammate at SBG who made the move from Muay Thai to MMA is Cian Cowley. He was a highly decorated fighter in Irish Thai Boxing before making the switch and Owens can learn a lot from him.

“Cian Cowley is a great stand up fighter. It just goes to show that he was dominating the Muay Thai scene in Ireland and has a willingness to learn MMA. He went to John Kavanagh and learnt Jiu-Jitsu were he’s went from dominating in his own sport to being thrown about and tapped out by younger guys in SBG. It does a lot to a man’s ego but he’s stuck with it and he’s doing really well. I’ve massive respect for him.”

Finally, he said that he’d like to ‘thank John Kavanagh for helping (him) out and seeing (his) potential as an MMA fighter.”

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