Sinead Kavanagh moves up to Featherweight for BAMMA 24

Sinead Kavanagh moves up to Featherweight for BAMMA 24

One of the most memorable fights from BAMMA 22 was Sinead Kavanagh’s 17 second destruction of Hatice Ozyurt in her pro debut. The five time senior national boxing champion has made light work of her transition into MMA and now she is set to face Zara Fairn Dos Santos (3-1) at BAMMA 24. Originally due to fight Kerry Hughes (2-1); BAMMA have now announced a change of opponent. Sinead is unfazed by the new challenge and expects another early finish on the 27th February.

Kavanagh is not too familiar with her new opponent but acknowledged that she comes into the fight with a record of ‘three wins and one loss’. The French fighter is from a ‘boxing background’ but Kavanagh believes that she won’t make it past the opening round.

“I can’t see the fight going past the first round. Once I land a good punch it’ll be lights out for her. I just need to stay calm and wait for that moment. When I see an opening I’ll go for it and finish the fight.”

“I’m hoping for another first round KO. I want to be in and out quick and then go straight to the bar!”

Just over a month away from the fight she is happy with how her training’s been going. She said, “Everything is great at the moment. I’m injury free and I’m just focused on cutting weight. I’m looking forward to fight.”

SBG will have the most fighters at BAMMA 24 and Sinead admitted that it was a boost to have so many familiar faces on the card.

“We have our own changing room with everyone in it. It’s great to see what way other fighters act before they go downstairs to walk out. It’s nice to have that support and if you’re feeling nervous they’ll give you some encouragement and get you in the right frame of mind.”

Training in SBG has allowed Sinead to learn from some of the best fighters in the world, most notably Conor McGregor but what is her opinion of him?

“I have a lot of respect for Conor. I was over in Vegas with him last summer and he’s a lovely bloke. He thinks there’s no one else like me and he’s always saying that I’m a great fighter. He gives me a lot of confidence in myself every time I see him. It’s also great to learn from him in training and see how he moves. I try to take all that in and make my own game better.”

At BAMMA 22 she disposed of her opponent in a matter of seconds and announced her arrival in the women’s bantamweight division. She admitted that it had felt ‘overdue’ and she ‘knew that it was time to turn pro’.

It also made history by becoming the first ever women’s fight on BAMMA.

“I only found out after the fight. It was good to make history and it was absolutely brilliant. It was an honour to be the first woman to fight on a BAMMA show and the fact that I done it in style was a plus for me.”

Looking ahead to the future there is only one aim for Kavanagh. The UFC is within her reach and she expects to be on their roster very soon.

“I don’t think there’s anyone in the UFC Bantamweight division that has the knockout power which I have. I’ve four KO’s on my record with SBG in amateur and pro. There’s no one on that roster who can do that so I think I’d have a chance against any of them. I want my shot to get in there and show them what I can do.”

“I’d love to see myself in the UFC this year. That’s my goal and I hope I happens soon. I just want to show what I can do one a world stage. If there was a title in BAMMA I’d also go for that too. I’d love a title shot in BAMMA. They don’t have a title yet so let’s do that!”

At UFC 197 Holly Holm will put her Bantamweight title on the line against Miesha Tate and Sinead gave her prediction for the fight.

“Holly has it, I don’t think Miesha will know what to do with her. I think Holly will keep making her come forward and she’ll stay on the back foot. She’ll pick her off and that’ll be it.”

Finally Kavanagh spoke about her sponsorship with Fightstore PRO Ireland and reflected on their support.

“It’s been brilliant! I’m over the moon with it. At my last fight I had no sponsorships and everyone else had some which was disappointing. I’m glad that they took me on board and they’ve great gear. They’ve looked after me and arranged for Revgear to sponsor me for this fight. Everything’s been great and I’ll wear the gear with pride,” she said.

“I’d also like to thank Nigel Dunny and the Green Isle Hotel for sponsoring me. It’s much appreciated.”

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Image Source: Sinea Kavanagh’s Facebook

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