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James Heelan’s Manager issues statement condemning ‘disrespectful’ John Wayne Parr

On Wednesday night, Fightstore Media released an interview with James ‘Sexual’ Heelan in which he discussed his experience of facing John Wayne Parr in the main event of Caged Muay Thai 10 last weekend.

During the interview Heelan outlined how he and his team felt ‘disrespected’ by Parr both pre-fight and post-fight.

Today, Heelan’s manager Willy Kerr, who cornered him for the fight, reached out to Fightstore Media and issued the following statement detailing what happened:

“We are very disappointed and saddened that it has come to this after the fight but what is said needs to be said. James had it against him before he even landed in the country. When he asked if the MRI could be covered he was accused of being overly dramatic and told he should use his purse to fund it, despite knowing saving the fight was riding on the results. A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would have been suffice.

“This trend of petty remarks continued throughout the week. We fought to secure meals for the cornermen (who we paid all expenses for out of the prize purse) and during this conversation we were asked for our credit card details in case we damaged the accommodation, despite being in shared accommodation with another team who did not get asked for their details. 

“There was a refusal to change the PPV online poster from the original competitor, [Jake] Purdy, and we were forced to share the link nonetheless. It was a small problem that would of taken minutes to rectify but we were told ‘everyone knows who I am fighting. It doesn’t matter’.

“Having timed our warm up we were informed just as James was about to make his walk that an unscheduled auction would take place, leaving him standing in the cold pre-fight.

“Courtesy was shown to the Parr’s until JWP blocked James on social media and the rest of our team. The derogatory post-fight conversations were fed back to James. This all happened before James made any indication of the treatment he and his team received from the Parr’s on social media. These are just a few of the many unsavoury interactions we had. The list goes on and we will elaborate if needs be.

“James took this fight on and saved the promotion last minute. A little bit of respect and understanding would have been all it took to avoid where we are today. It had to come to this and we want that rematch! Whether JWP and his management reply to this is irrelevant. James pushed Wayne to dig deep in that fight and whether it’s Bellator or another promotion, let them meet on neutral ground and settle this fairly.”

Willy Kerr – Manager of James ‘Sexual’ Heelan

We have been in contact with John Wayne Parr in relation to the accusations and hope to conduct an interview with ‘The Gunslinger’ in the coming days.


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