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Fightstore Media’s Top 5 Fights of the Night – The Takeover 9

No. 1 –  Jay Counsel (309) defeats Ian Crotty (Courage) via Unanimous Decision – C Class Thai – 55kg

A classic war of attrition and it deservedly takes our number one spot. Counsel dominated early but Crotty displayed incredible heart and determination to comeback and provide the audience with one of the best Thai fights witnessed in Ireland this year. Neither fighter willing to give an inch in a titanic battle and the atmosphere intensified as they traded blows in the centre of the ring.

Counsel’s early pressure was rewarded when he hurt Crotty through a body shot. He pushed Crotty into the corner and dropped the Courage fighter which resulted in a count. In the second-round Crotty emerged from his corner reinvigorated. He matched Counsel’s intensity and they brawled back and forth. Counsel off-loaded a flurry of strikes in the corner again but Crotty responded with a flurry of his own.

The final round invited more of the same. Counsel walked forward and looked to impose himself on the bout but Crotty was not done. He dropped a tiring Counsel, but the 309 fighter reversed the move immediately and pinned Crotty into the corner once again, in one final wave of strikes. Counsel’s early work paid dividends but Crotty can be proud of his performance.

No. 2 –  Conor Keogh (Warriors) defeats Razvan Piticas (Lionheart) via Split Decision – B Class Thai – 73kg

Another fight which the crowd really got behind. Keogh, the local favourite, tasted success but only through the narrowest of margins as he earned a split decision victory over Lionheart’s Razvan Piticas. Over the course of five rounds there was very little to choose between the two but Keogh’s opening round seemed to make the difference. He dropped Piticas twice in quick succession before the Lionheart fighter could compose himself and settle into the fight.

As the bout progressed, both men remained disciplined, trading leg kicks and combinations. The Lionheart corner urged Piticas to attack in the third-round but little substantial strikes landed. Keogh fought smartly and continued to score well but Piticas produced a solid fourth-round attacking display.

With the fight still in the balance entering the final round, Keogh knew that he had to step things up. He launched two flying knee attacks early as Piticas countered his momentum. In the end, it was left to the judges to decide; awarding Keogh a dramatic split decision to give him a winning return to action.

No. 3 –  Eamon Deane (Mayhem) defeats Cian Hogan (Warriors) via second-round TKO – Pro K1 – 76kg

Mayhem’s Eamon Deane remained tight-lipped in the build-up to his fight with Hogan. In a statement released by Fightstore Media he’d warned Hogan to ‘be careful what you wish for’, and on Saturday night he delivered his message. Deane dominated their early exchanges as Hogan got hurt and never recovered. It later emerged that Hogan had sustained a broken foot.

The Warriors fighter was dropped twice in the first-round and Deane had all the momentum going into the second. Hogan was struggling and could offer little in attack as Deane’s high-tempo overwhelmed the local favourite. He dropped Hogan again early in the round and finished him against the ropes with a crippling liver shot.

No. 4 –  Jamie Moore (Warriors) defeats Emmanuel Aliphon (Chaiyo) via Unanimous Decision – A Class Thai – 72kg

In his first A Class fight Aliphon started brightly, taking the opening round as Moore was slow to get to grips with the Chaiyo man. Aliphon’s attacks were effective and he scored with an early combination. Moore gained confidence as the fight progressed and used leg kicks to his advantage. He began to dominate throughout rounds two and three before Aliphon composed himself between rounds.

His corner got him fired up for the fourth-round and it made a telling difference. He attacked Moore with a greater intensity but nothing seemed to be troubling the Warriors man. Moore’s leg kicks became an effective weapon as Aliphon failed to check them. Both men attacked each other in the final round providing a thrilling conclusion but it was Moore who emerged triumphant.

No. 5 – Tristan Barnett (SBGi) defeats David Fustos (Dublin Thai) via Majority Decision – AM K1 – 80kg

Barnett vs. Fustos topped the amateur card at Takeover 9 and they treated their vocal supporters to a classic battle.  SBGi’s Barnett brought a large crowd to the show and they made their presence felt in the opening round as he landed with several combinations and attacked strongly.

In the first minute of the second-round he dropped Fustos with a heavy right hand which looked to be decisive. But, Fustos recovered and grew in confidence later in round two. He’s survived an early onslaught and began to find success with his own attacks. In the third-round he completed three sweeps as he pushed Barnett right till the final bell. A brilliant showcase of skill between two emerging talents.

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