Exclusive interview: Sean Turner on his life in Boxing, Fury and Haye

Exclusive interview: Sean Turner on his life in Boxing, Fury and Haye

Sean Turner is set to headline his first MGM boxing event on 5th February at the Roadstone Club at just 24 years of age.

But what sparked a career in the sweet science for the powerful Dublin heavyweight?

“A few of my friends decided that they wanted to give boxing a try when we were around ten or eleven. About ten of us went and joined on the same night and I was the only one to stick with it out of all of us,” revealed Sean.

What made Sean Turner remain in boxing, a sport of beautiful brutality?

He recalled: “I thought I was a bit better at the boxing than I was at football. My father kept me going every night and I just got better and better and began winning stuff and then I knew this was what I wanted to do.”

Growing up, Turner looked up to possibly the most feared boxer of all time, the malevolent Mike Tyson.

Now Tuner has an opportunity to do what Tyson did for a living, headline shows and KO opponents.

Referring to his scheduled main event fight at the Roadstone Club, Turner said: “It brings the pressure to put in a good performance. There’s definitely extra pressure there but once I put in the hard work in the gym there’s nothing to worry about.”

Tyson Fury is the best heavyweight in the world currently, according to Turner.

He stated: “I think he can beat Klitschko in the rematch, I didn’t think he would win the first fight but he proved everyone wrong. If he fights in Germany again they could screw him over but his confidence must be right up there.”

Fightstore Media then asked Turner on his thoughts about the negativity in mainstream media surrounding Fury, since he became the unified heavyweight champion of the world.

“It’s a joke. The man has just beaten a fella who was at the top for ten years and I didn’t see one positive thing in the papers about it. It’s not nice and just shows what people can be like. They never have anything good to say about anyone doing well,” Sean argued.

The Dubliner also had some vehement views on the return of David Haye.

He said: “Haye is a good fighter and I liked watching him, he was exciting. Maybe he’s just looking for money this time. I think he has a bit of a wet brain and talks a lot of crap now since Fury’s won the belts but I used to like him before that.”

Turner is a part of the Macklin’s Gym Marbella team and he said it was the best decision of his life to join them.

Speaking about his ambitions in boxing, he said this: “2017 is going to be a very big year for me. I’ll be ready for ten round fights. This year I’m serving my second years apprentice as a pro. It normally takes four years to get up there and really be ready. This year will be big but i’m still learning. In 2017 I will be looking at International and European titles.”

We concluded by asking Sean ‘Big Sexy’ Turner [7(5)-(0)] what his favourite thing about being a professional boxer was?

“Knocking people out, I like to do that. I love just having a good scrap. The best things are when people enjoy watching you and are excited about the fight and everybody’s happy. The second best thing is getting paid. This is all I know and hopefully someday I can make a good living out of it,” added Turner.

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