Declan Geraghty opens up about his captivating life in exclusive interview (Part One)

Declan Geraghty opens up about his captivating life in exclusive interview (Part One)

Declan Geraghty, 25, has had an interesting life this far, from growing up in the flats, to dreaming of being a footballer and then, bizarrely, being taken down in an octagon by Conor McGregor.

The engaging young boxer from Dublin is an impressive speaker.

Therefore, let’s start from the beginning.

“I’m from a rough area so I would have been either out robbing and selling or taking drugs (if it wasn’t for boxing) My father knew there was nothing else out there for me and there wasn’t,” remembered Declan.

Declan’s father is a coach and therefore urged his son to do boxing. It’s a tale similar to that of Joe Calzaghe as a boy, and like the Welsh champion, there were occasions when Declan wanted out of the sport to live a more normal life with his friends.

He recalled: “Of course there was times where I wanted to quit when things are not going your way. I was lucky enough to win a lot of Irish titles so it made the decision easier to stay. He (his father) pushed me when I didn’t wanna go and he said well, ‘if you’re not going training you can stay in for the night’.”

Declan Geraghty opens up about his captivating life in exclusive interview (Part One)

Declan Geraghty/Second Coming/MGM/Frank Warren

Declan continued: “I can only thank him (his Dad) for where I am in life, I have a lot of friends who’s fathers weren’t there for them who are now locked up, or their fathers didn’t push them towards anything and their just on the dole now or working in poor jobs.”

Last week Declan was in Old Trafford supporting the home side. There was a stage when the sweet science wasn’t his ambition, and instead he visualised playing the beautiful game professionally.

However, as he would assure you himself, that aim was never realistic. Declan laughed as he recollected: “If I could be a footballer id love it but I’m bloody no good at it. I’ve two left feet, I can’t get the ball but I can go through people. I can dream all I want but I know it’s never gonna happen.”

Was there a boxer who inspired Declan to pursue a path more fitting to his dexterity skills?

“I looked up to Bernard Dunne because of what he did. And then the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. But locally Bernard Dunne was a big influence. I went to a lot of his fights and loved the way he captured the Irish public and I remember walking to the fights and all the people talking about it. You don’t get that much in Dublin at the moment. Even if you weren’t a fan of boxing you knew who he was,” said Declan.

The MGM southpaw fighter, who fought his last bout as a super featherweight, has a record of ten wins and one defeat, and will compete for a title in the National Stadium on the 6th February.

He said: “Nobody knows it but we are expected to fight for a title in February. I’m not sure if it will be for the Celtic, Irish or International. We have already asked for a European title shot but the defending champion didn’t wanna fight me at the moment. There are a lot of people turning fights down with me. I’m a bit frustrated when it happens but my friends and coaches are saying I should take it as a compliment.”

How would Declan assess his boxing career so far?

“Whoever has beat me internationally have always been top top lads, like Michael Conlan only beat me by two points for a qualifier for the Olympics and realistically I struggled terribly with the weight. Don’t get me wrong, he took off as the years went by but so did I, I didn’t stay still. I’ve never been in the ring and thought I can’t beat the guy in front of me,” added Geraghty.

At present Declan is in England getting quality sparring but he praised the set-up of Macklin’s Gym Marbella where he prepared for bouts in the past.

According to Declan, fighting in the National Stadium is like going to bed in his own room, he’s comfortable in the big ring which suits his elusive style.

He believes Gennady Golovkin and Andre Ward are the greatest fighters on the planet right now. And in terms of his own targets for 2016, he said this.

“The goal is to fight five times, not pick up a loss and get three to four titles and hopefully be fighting for a European title by the end of the year.”

There is more from Declan Geraghty’s interview with Fightstore Media coming up on the site, particularly his encounters with MMA fighter Conor McGregor, who has supported his career so far. Part Two can be read here.

You can find Declan Geraghty on Facebook and Twitter.

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