Declan Geraghty Interview Part Two: 'Critics of Conor McGregor are Jealous'
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Declan Geraghty Interview Part Two: ‘Critics of Conor McGregor are Jealous’

While speaking to Declan Geraghty, Fightstore Media learned a lot about the Dubliner’s fascinating journey through life and boxing so far.
But Declan was also compliant to chat about any topic we posed to him, including other sports and different athletes, such as Conor McGregor.

The skilful southpaw, who fights on 6th February in the National Stadium, said of Conor’s charisma: “I watch his interviews and he reminds me of Mayweather in the way he catches people’s eye.”

Although not knowing one another too personally, McGregor, out of respect for a fellow fighter from the same area, has supported Geraghty’s career.

“He has text me before and after fights and wished me the best of luck. I take that as a compliment because he’s a busy bloke. I have his number and chat with him sometimes. He’s a really nice guy, if anyone’s criticising him in Ireland I think its jealousy. How could you criticize someone who came from nothing? There is an ego around him but everyone needs that, he doesn’t think he’s bigger than anyone though, it hasn’t gone to his head,” argued Declan.

Then, the affable boxer mentioned that he and Conor had once traded in an octagon. The only logical question to follow that statement was, ‘how did that go’?

“He just took me to the floor and that was the end of it,” laughed Geraghty, who said he told McGregor to stay on his feet after that and go to war.

The UFC’s featherweight champion even sympathised with Geraghty when he suffered his only loss as a pro, against Jono Carroll in 2014.

Declan recalled: “He got in touch with me after the Jono fight and said you ‘know what, I don’t think you should have been disqualified, you took it like a man and it would be great for you to come up and have a yapp’. I did and I was very pleased with what he had to say to me and I was glad he took the time out.”

What are Geraghty’s thoughts on the UFC?

Although being an admirer of McGregor’s performances, Declan doesn’t follow it as a whole. He made it clear that he respected all fighters and isn’t an advocate for the boxing and UFC communities aggravating each other.

“There’s no point people putting down the UFC and slating it or others saying MMA is the new boxing, they are two massive sports. I do believe you will make more money in the boxing than the UFC/MMA and that won’t change any time soon, but I wouldn’t knock it,” he added.

Declan continued: “Any child doing any sort of sports, especially combat, receives great discipline. For me, I can say I have a lot of respect for people because of boxing and I assume the UFC does the exact same thing.”

If you watched Declan’s last fight against Reynaldo Cajina in November, you might have noted his mature defence, elusive footwork and snappy punches.

Therefore, is Floyd Mayweather’s style an influence?

“You can’t knock Mayweather. He doesn’t get hit. I’m not here to take punishment on my body. To be honest, my last fight, that’s me boxing poor compared to what I do in sparring. What I’ve done in the gym is nothing to what I’ve shown yet. I can do an awful lot more. I’ve not once been impressed with my own performance yet,” stated Declan humbly.

The accommodating boxer, who is bursting with ambition, spoke of the accolades he has, and in some instances, hasn’t been awarded.

He explained: “I’ve never been nominated for anything in Dublin, even after the national titles I won. I’ve got national trophies and awards but never in Dublin. My friend Jason Quigley, when we were winning a lot of the same things, he was getting nominated for things up in Donegal and winning them.”

A large population and many talented sports people in the city were reasons Declan cited that maybe denies him more recognition in his hometown.

But he is in no doubt that if he wins a European or World title, the Dublin people will rally behind him just as they did for one of his inspirations, Bernard Dunne.

“When the crowd gets behind you it’s great. It will be good if I can get to the likes of Stephen Ormond’s level and even better their achievements,” concluded Declan.

The MGM boxer has ten victories and one defeat as a professional. He exclusively told Fightstore Media that his upcoming bout next month will be for a title and he aims to obtain up to four of them by the end of 2016.

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