Dave McCarthy to David Ola: “You’re stepping up in level and I’m going to put you back down”

The infamous ‘Tall’ Dave McCarthy (Warriors) returns to action in what will be his first Thai or K-1 fight on Irish soil since 2015.

On June 10th, he is set to face David Ola (Compound/Ryano) in a C-Class 75 kg Thai bout at Takeover 9.

McCarthy comes from a traditional Dutch kickboxing background, having lived in the Netherlands and trained out of the renowned Vos gym in Amsterdam. In recent years, he’s competed on promotions like Enfusion and spent time in Thailand representing Superpro Samui gym.

He earned notoriety amongst Irish fans for his colourful call out videos of Bridgestone gym’s Mick Downey before their fight on the Dublin Enfusion show in 2014.

Although we have not seen any new call outs, McCarthy sent this message to David Ola in an interview with Fightstore Media:

“Your coach won’t even let you fight pro rules and you can’t even go nine minutes. I’m disappointed about that and I’m disappointed your coach won’t allow knees to the head. You’re stepping up in level and I’m going to put you back down.”

Having watched footage of Ola, McCarthy was not impressed and believes that Ola is not experienced enough to compete with him.

“I’ve seen his fights and I wasn’t very impressed. I’m taking this fight to get myself warmed up and get back in the ring after being out so long.

“It’s going to be a KO! I’m going to kill the guy, show my best and go out clean.”

An early finish would be a perfect return to action for McCarthy and he expressed his desire to build on a potential victory.

“I’m hoping after this fight to fight one week later on Cage Legacy down in Drogheda, if they’ll have me and if they can find a fight for me. I want to use my next few fights to get back in the run of things and get some of the highest-level opponents in the country.”

McCarthy will compete above his own weight-class, moving up to 75 kg at the Takeover 9; something which he prefers to cutting weight.

And, he has set his sights on the 73 kg Cage Kings title as one of his main goals this year.

“I usually fight above my weight so I’d like to go for the 73kg Cage Kings title so I don’t cut weight and then I might drop and go for the 70 kg if I get the first one.”

He described his time training in Vos gym as ‘special’, and acknowledged that the experience had helped to develop him both mentally and physically as a fighter.

“I’m the only traditional trained Dutch K-1 fighter in Ireland. It doesn’t just give you a different style, it gives you a unique perspective on the training when you’re regularly sparring professional after professional. People can go to a gym and hide in the back.

“You know people can go to the best gyms in the world and not train with the top guys but I tried my best to get in there and spar as many pros as possible when I could. That was the biggest thing I took from it. Watching my progress develop from being shattered by the pros to being able to handle myself and throw back.”

Since returning to Ireland, he’s been training under the guidance of Cian Cowley at Warriors gym. He expressed ‘great respect’ for Cowley and feels like Warriors has been excellent for his further development.

“I don’t care whatever people want to say about him. He’s my age, he runs his own gym, he’s been all over the world fighting and training, and I have a genuine and real respect for him. I get on great with him because he’s also a real fighter and he knows what it takes.

“He recognises that in me too. We have a common understanding that we’re both game ball when we step in the ring. I’m happy to train with him and he has a great thing going in Warriors.”

Away from training, McCarthy recently took his own first-steps into coaching with South Dublin Muay Thai. Every Monday he teaches Dutch kickboxing; sharing his knowledge and experience to the next generation of fighters.



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