Courage Muay Thai’s Liam Purcell relishing the opportunity to fight on Cage Kings Dublin

Courage Muay Thai’s Liam Purcell relishing the opportunity to fight on Cage Kings Dublin

Courage Muay Thai’s Liam Purcell makes his Cage Kings debut on March 26th when he faces the experienced Ivo Clinch from Warriors gym in a 67kg B Class Pro Muay Thai bout.

Purcell will be joined on the card by his team-mates James E O’Connell and Dylan Meagher making it a very exciting night for the Tipperary gym.

“It’s a brilliant opportunity for me. It’s a massive promotion and it’s growing all the time. I’m very excited and really looking forward to fighting on the show. The best in the country are going to be on it so joining them is a great feeling,” said Purcell.

“I never really thought about fighting in a cage because before Cage Kings and Caged Muay Thai it was kind of an MMA thing and I didn’t really have any interest in changing sports. Since it became popular I’ve thought about it but now that I’m on it I’m really looking forward to it.”

This will be new challenge for Purcell, who’s much more familiar with the ring. Having only ever sparred in a cage, it will be his first time competing under these conditions.

“I’m not really sure what to expect. I know it will be different so I’m just going to have to wait till I’m in there to find out.”

Ivo Clinch will have a slight advantage going into the bout having fought on Cage Kings last year but Purcell knows to expect a tough fight.

“I don’t know a lot about him. I was at Cage Kings when he was fighting last year but I’m not going to base my opinion on him from that one fight because people can change all the time. He could come to this fight with a completely different game plan and mindset. I know he’s fighting from a very good gym in Warriors. He’s a very strong fighter and I know that he’s coming down in weight so I expect a lot of power in his shots.”

Liam’s been working hard to rectify the mistakes which have cost him in his last few fights. A fresh approach was needed and the right changes have been made in training.

“I’ve figured out were I need to improve and will play to my strengths. I’ve just been concentrating on getting the best out of myself.”

Purcell admits that he will stick to his tried and tested training plan for the fight. “I always try and change things up regularly if I feel like some parts of it are going stale. I don’t want to thread too far away from what I’m use to because I’m completely new to the cage in case it goes wrong,” he said.

Fan will be expecting an exciting contest on March 26th between two heavy hitters. Clinch is known to come forward and Purcell likes to change things up in every fight. He said, “I like to throw a lot of attacks, move forward and mix things up. I don’t think I’ve changed too much over the years.”

Courage Muay Thai will be well represented on the night with James E O’Connell defending his 57kg Caged Thai title against Karl Hodgers and Dylan Meagher fighting Damien Darker. Having other fighters from Courage Muay Thai on the same card will be very beneficial to Purcell and he’s excited to share the stage with them.

“It’s great to have Dylan and James on it; James always gets the crowd going, he’s a crowd pleaser and he trains very hard in the gym. I do a lot of work with him so having him on the same show is brilliant. Dylan puts one hundred per cent into everything too so the two of them will push me that little bit harder to succeed and do my best.”

Liam is now regarded as one of the senior fighters in Courage gym but he explained to Fightstore Media what prompted him to try out the sport.

“I always had an interest in martial arts but I never took any opportunities to start doing it. One day I walked into a kickboxing gym and I just got hooked on it after the first demonstration that the trainer showed me. I’ve competed in boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai. I like combat sports and I love watching it. I don’t have any ground game so I can’t say I’ve done everything but I’ve tried my hand at a lot of stand up martial arts. I love to compete, train and improve my skills. The interest was always there and when I finally did try it out it was the right fit for me.”

Muay Thai gives fighters a lot of stability to their lives and Purcell is no different, he explains how it’s transformed him since he first started.

“I suppose I use to drink a lot more than I do now, I eat clean and I look after myself. I’m up early in the morning and I get the right amount of sleep. It has changed me as a person because before I started I never really had any direction in my life. My discipline has improved and now I feel like I have better focus and I’ve matured a lot quicker than I would have without it. It’s had nothing but a positive effect on my; injuries and all.”

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