Cian Hogan vs Eamon Deane

Cian Hogan on Eamon Deane: “He lives off Facebook and Instagram the poor chap”

Speaking to Warrior’s Cian Hogan you get the impression that there is no love lost between Mayhem’s Eamon Deane and himself.

The pair were originally due to fight at Cage Kings Dublin last year, but Deane was forced to withdraw through injury which sparked increased tensions between the pair.

On June 10th at the Takeover 9 their rivalry should be put to bed once and for all as they go toe-to-toe in the main event.

Animosity arose between the two after both excelled as amateur K-1 fighters but the pair were never matched until Cage Kings because they fought at different weights.

In an interview with Fightstore Media, Hogan expressed his disbelief when pictures of Deane sparring circulated a few days after his Cage Kings withdrawal.

“I’ve been wanting this fight for three years. He’s been saying that he’s the country’s number one so I’ve been asking Cian [Cowley] to get me matched with him. He lost a few fights then took a long break. When Cage Kings came around last year, I begged Lar Byrne to get me Eamon Deane… the week before the fight he pulls out.

“What really pissed me off was that he said he was injured and two days later he posts a picture of himself sparring. I thought I was dreaming. I couldn’t believe that he was that stupid to pull-out and then post up pictures sparring where he looked fine,” said Hogan.

A lingering hostility was evident between both men. But, when Deane defeated Jamie Moore, a training partner of Hogan’s, last year, it provided an opportunity for both to put their beef behind them.

“After the fight, he came up to us and said that he didn’t want any more beef with us. That was grand, I thought it was over and I had respect for him.”

However, this newly-formed neutrality was ended when the pair exchanged words on Facebook.

“He started posting about moving to Thailand and that he wants to become like John Wayne Parr. I left a comment saying that I’d happily fight him Thai rules in June. Then he responds with a real cheeky comment saying that I wouldn’t want anything to do with him after June, and he blocked me so I couldn’t reply. It was all forgotten about after he fought Jamie but now he’s brought it all back up again.

“He lives off Facebook and Instagram the poor chap. I just can’t wait to hit him. But, I’m not going into this emotionally, I’ll treat it like any other fight.

“He’s so insecure. He puts up all this mad shit about the power of positive thinking and then he posts about not being mentally there for the last year and a half. He’s a gym hopper as well. He blames other people for his bad performances instead of taking the blame for them himself. He just hops gym and forgets about his old coach,” said Hogan.

The Warriors man continued by saying that Deane has ‘a very basic K-1 style’ and believes that under the tutelage of Cian Cowley he will be able to deal with anything the Derry fighter has to offer.

Hogan expects the first two rounds to rattle his opponent. He believes that the Warriors crowd will be ‘twice as loud’ as the one in Derry and warned Deane not to underestimate his right-hand shots.

“There’s no point saying before a fight that you’re going to knock him out because anything could happen. You can’t just plan a KO. I know for a fact if he takes a few of my right hands early he’s going to be a lot more hesitant coming in close. He’ll definitely know what’s hit him after the first two rounds.”

In his last fight, Hogan defeated Kyle Jewel via first-round TKO in a Thai rules bout. At Takeover 9 he will make his long-awaited pro K-1 debut and is determined to leave victorious.

“That was the second time I’ve stopped someone with my hands. He walked straight into it. I led him on to the counter but he had very sloppy hands like a traditional Thai boxer style so it was easy for me. Warriors and Lionheart are the only two gyms that implement that style to deal with any stand-up discipline. I know Eamon will be a completely different fighter and I won’t compare it to my last fight but I’m confident.”

Like head-coach Cowley, Hogan has also made the move into MMA under the guidance of Owen Roddy at SBG Charlestown. He lost his first amateur bout to Aryvdas Pumputis via unanimous decision at KCMMA 1 but remains determined to make a name for himself in the sport.

“When Cian started doing it, it kind of gave the green light to go. When I began training, it wasn’t to go to MMA, it was because I was working near Charlestown. It was actually before the last fight with Eamon, I couldn’t make it to Warriors so I was training there. I said I’d stay in for the MMA class and I started to like it. I kept doing that and then Owen said if I wanted to compete to let him know. It just went on from there, I fell in love with grappling.

“After this fight, I’m going to concentrate completely on grappling after this one. I’ve seen after my first MMA fight that it’s very important. I know that it’s not my best aspect so people will target it straight away,” he said.


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