Casey Walsh: The man with many talents - From YouTube to the Ring

Casey Walsh: The man with many talents – From YouTube to the Ring

Before interviewing Casey Walsh ahead of his clash with Liam Burden at Thai Warriors this weekend, I researched my upcoming subject in accordance with conventional journalism practice.  

Minutes later a YouTube page was stumbled upon.

I learned that the “fighter” I had planned to interview was also a writer, director and rapper for Dublin hip hop group Versatile.

Some of their music videos have over 600 thousand views.

What inspired Casey to initiate making YouTube videos?

“We wanted to be rappers and all when we were younger, we would have been about 13, we used to be talking shite and saying we will make this rap group. Loads of the boys forgot about it, me and Alex (Sheehan), the other fella I’m doing the videos with we were 14 when we did the first video.”

Alex acquired a mic for his house where he and Casey began recording.

Initially, the pair sought to be serious, but they soon aborted that strategy and rather opted to produce mock content about two stoners.

“So I was like fuck it,” started Casey. “Come on we will do it, just taking the piss, no other young fellas are putting videos rapping and music videos.

“We threw that out and it got a good response at first, not a massive response but a good response from people from around the area and even some people out far but after that Alex sort of just started coming to me with ideas.”

According to Casey, producing a successful YouTube video gives him more pleasure than winning a fight.

“I love fighting, it’s a hobby. I wouldn’t be trying to get anywhere with it. I would be more focused and inclined to get somewhere in the show-business side.”

With a passion for music and online entertainment evident, what made Casey become a martial artist?

“I done Tae Kwon-Do throughout my life and stuff like that but I was out for two or three years and I was in the gym.

“I was like ‘this is a stupid hobby to have, just in the gym to get muscle,’ so I just decided that I’m sick of going around being fat and muscley, so I headed down and did Thai boxing, just something different. It stops me having knocks in town,” Casey laughed.

Casey Walsh trains out of 309 Phuang Malai Thai, the gym that will host Saturday night’s show. Media coverage from the night will be available from Fightstore Media.


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