Casey Walsh: Before opening bell I asked him was he coming for a McDonalds after

Casey Walsh: Before opening bell I asked him was he coming for a McDonalds after

After three rounds of combat against Liam Burden at Thai Wars last Saturday, victorious Casey Walsh remained as spirited as ever in his dressing room.

His ring walk had been energetic with the smiling Dubliner playing up to the partisan crowd.

“That’s what I wanna get into, the show business, I’m just a born performer,” laughed Walsh as he began his post-fight interview with Fightstore Media.

Walsh offered a humble response when asked about the audience’s support.

He said: “It means everything to me. I was almost in tears out there with all my family and friends being here.”

Crucially, the fight was equally as entertaining as Walsh’s charisma outside the ring. Round one was tight but in the second and third Walsh started to assert his fistic dominance.

Respect was issued between the fighters throughout the spectacle.

Walsh said: “First thing I said to him was ‘are you coming for a McDonalds after this’ when I seen him on the walkout. I don’t like going in with a vicious approach. I like being everyone’s friend. It’s competition, nothing against each other.

“It’s not pro boxing. You’re not putting on a show for pay-per-view. At the end of the day you’re just competing in a sport.”

Although the deserving winner, Walsh opined that the judge’s verdict isn’t important to him.

“The decision doesn’t mean much, it’s just all about the experience. I wouldn’t go home crying if I lost, at least I got out there, got the experience of just being on the stage.”

Walsh is a performer. His consistent reference to the stage, not the ring, tells you where his ambitions lie.

But Walsh has a fighter’s brain too and he told Fightstore Media his tactical strategy.

“I was expecting it to be five rounds so I was a bit thrown off when I learned it was three because with the five rounds you can get a feel for your opponent, you ease into it for the first two rounds and then the last three you’re belting each other but you know where you stand with your opponent.

“With three rounds you’re in there and you don’t know what they’re about or the approach to take, he could win the first round and you’re then playing catch up for the last two rounds. I got a feel for him in the first round, thankfully without getting knocked out.”

You can watch Casey Walsh and Liam Burden here –


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