Cage Legacy Preview: Jeanderson ‘The Jungle’ Castro to be unleashed [Part Two]

 “I like to train hard like a soldier in the jungle. My mind is focused on causing harm. That’s why I love to say to my opponents, ‘Welcome to the jungle baby.’ I have two babes, my left and right hands. They’re the only things I have to defend my life in the jungle.”

Above are the vigorous words of Irish based Brazilian mixed martial artist Jeanderson Castro, who spoke with Fightstore Media ahead of his professional debut at Cage Kings in March.

He went on to blitz his opponent, Waldek (Nina Warriors), with a first round TKO following vicious ground and pound.

“2016 is my year! I don’t want easy fights; I’m looking for hard fights,” Castro stated.

Cage Legacy Fighting Championship will host the featherweight clash between Jeanderson Castro and Denis Ahern at the TLT Theatre, Drogheda on October 28.

Both fighters share something in common; Bellator’s James Gallagher has defeated them.

For Castro, his loss to Gallagher occurred in the amateurs, a bout he was having success in until being abruptly submitted at the end of round two.

“I had real bad luck in that fight. I’ve waited a long time for a rematch. He’s a pro now too so I can’t wait to face him again in the cage. He’s not going to get my leg or foot again. People call him the best in Ireland but for me I don’t think he’s the best,” said Castro in March.

Denis Ahern, a fighter from Mayo, is 0-1 as a pro after being stopped via rear naked choke by Gallagher in 2015.

This encounter has potential to be one of the most exciting fights on the show.

Ahern brings more questions than answers, which adds to the sporting mystique. How much has he improved since his last loss?

More definitive information is available on Castro. His style is explosive, and as soon as the bell sounds, he will be gunning for a stoppage.

In May Castro racked up more experience by competing on China’s Superstar Fight promotion.

Before his Cage Legacy outing, he will fight Alexander Akimov in a title contest at the Cage Ring Championships on September 18 in Swords.

Is 2016 Jeanderson Castro’s year as he predicted to us in March? Time will tell.

Part Three of our Cage Legacy Fighting Championship – coming soon. 


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