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BOOM BOOM back on top! – Post-fight interview with Cage Kings 70kg Champion Aaron Browne

“It feels f**king brilliant to be back on top!”

This was the immediate reaction of Lionheart’s Aaron Browne in his first post-fight interview with Fightstore Media – minutes after hoisting the Cage Kings 70kg title into the air.

It was a performance which merited the accolade as Browne battled through a tough opening round to assert his dominance and end proceedings midway through the second-round.

He claimed the title in stunning fashion and put the rest of the 67-70 kg division fighters on notice.

Reflecting on his victory he said, “It went great, I done what I had to do. I’ve trained really hard for this the last few weeks; I’m with my new team and this is all that matters. The Lionheart army is about to take over!

“My plan was to slow it down and not give Martin what he wanted in the opening exchanges. I feel like I didn’t show exactly what I wanted too but we got the result and I’m taking the belt home.”

“Boom Boom” seems rejuvenated as a fighter since his move to the Lionheart camp and Saturday night’s outcome gave a good indication of the kind of confidence pouring out of the Dublin-based Muay Thai gym.

“Just watch my climb that’s all I’ll say. The boys I’m working with are honestly the best team in the country. How they’ve taken me on and helped me has crafted me into the fighter I am now. I’m blessed, I’ve fallen on my feet with them.”

Under the guidance of Collie Mahon and Craig Coakley he has two of the best coach/practitioners in Ireland to help develop his skillset.

And it was this tutelage which paid dividends in the second-round.

“My elbows started to find a home, those Craigo elbows. I was getting them off when I had him against the cage. Then the flying knee out of nowhere in the second-round before I stopped him. I’m delighted to be honest,” said Browne.

Browne later acknowledged that he ‘wasn’t expecting to get a second fight’ against Martin Horgan after his first victory over him at the Supershow last year.

“It’s a pity because it’s not actually the person I wanted to fight for the belt,” he added.

As we ended the interview the newly-crowned champion was already contemplating his next option and sent a warning to the lower weight divisions.

“I want to fight abroad now and go somewhere else. I want to drop down in weight too because I’m not a 70 kg fighter anymore. I don’t want to be fighting at 70 kg it’s my walk around weight. My plan now is to drop down so the lower divisions better watch the f**k out.”

Aaron would like to express his thanks to the entire Lionheart team, his physio, Darren O’Rourke and also to Jason Kane for helping him with Strength and Conditioning work before the fight.

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