Bellator heavyweight King MO: I’m going to go out and give the fans their monies worth

Bellator heavyweight King MO: I’m going to go out and give the fans their monies worth

When first asked if he would like to fight in Ireland, Bellator Heavyweight Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal (19-5-1) wasn’t that enamoured to fight in rainy Ireland away from home.

But his mood changed significantly after he was welcomed with open arms during a press tour to Dublin in November and now he relishes the opportunity to ‘entertain’ his new fans.

“I get more love here than I do in America. It’s crazy because I feel like the Europeans appreciate their fighters more than Americans do. I feel like they take us for granted and talk shit to us but here everyone is cool and they show respect,” he said.

Friday night he steps into the cage at Bellator 169 under the lights of the 3 Arena to face Olympic Judo gold medallist Satoshi Ishii (14-6-1) in the main event.

“King Mo” is determined to repay the respect shown to him in devastating fashion.

“It’s my fight so I should make a statement. I want to make a big statement here because I want to come back and fight here again or watch fights. I want people to say that Mo’s cool and entertaining.

“If you’re a boring fighter people be like, ‘he’s alright’ but I want them to enjoy me, I’m going out there to entertain them. They payed money so I’m going to go out and give them their monies worth,” he said.

How does he expect the fight to go? The American Top Team fighter made it clear that Ishii would be in for a tough night.

“(I expect) my opponent to leave with swollen eyes, a broken nose, a broken jaw, missing teeth and bloody mouth on a stretcher!”

“I can take him down, ground and pound his ass. I’d rather stand and bang because I’ve been working on my boxing but at the same time wrestling is first nature to me. Actually, fighting is first nature! I’m ready for whatever he’s going to do,” he said.

The Tennessee native pushed himself in training in the lead up to the fight, sparring some of the best boxers available to him.

“I’ve been sparring with boxing heavyweight champion Lewis Ortiz, I went 12 to 15 rounds with him. I sparred Trevor Bryant, an undefeated heavyweight prospect, Bryant Jennings, a heavyweight contender and UFC Heavyweight Junior Dos Santos.

“It definitely pushes me on to achieve greater things and it’s fun. Sometimes when you’re out there whopping someone’s ass in training you get bored and complacent. When you’re in there with someone who can whoop your ass, you have to stay on top of your A-game.”

The thought of fighting in Ireland grew on the heavyweight and he spoke positively about the fighting history in the country.

“I love the Irish fans. It’s a fighting culture out here and you have a history of good boxers and fighters. The Irish fans love combat and I’m a combat man myself.”

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