And New: Paul Norton lifts the ISKA 67kg title at Warriors FC V

And New: Paul Norton lifts the ISKA 67kg title at Warriors FC V

Paul Norton (Champion) defeated Aleksandr Akimov (309) in the main event of the evening to lift the ISKA 67kg title.

Following an action packed card at Warriors FC V all eyes turned to the ISKA title fight and both fighters delivered an exciting contest.

Norton started the strongest delivering a series of punches and leg kicks early in the fight. Akimov countered with his own combo’s but found it difficult to break through Noton’s defence. Both men traded blows and it was a strong contest between two technically gifted fighters.

Norton began using leg kicks to his advantage breaking from cover to deliver damaging combos as the fight progressed. But Akimov remained in the fight and threw some big uppercuts of his own towards the end of the second round. Going into the final round Norton looked to have the advantage and he kept a high pressure on Akimov.

The leg kicks kept finding their target and it took a visible toll on Akimov. Norton dropped him early in the third round following a big combo of leg kicks and punches. Akimov showed grit and determination to stand back up and continue the fight but Norton saw his opportunity and never relented.

The combos became more frequent and it was clear that Akimov was beginning to feel the effects of the leg kicks. Norton marched forward and unloaded on Akimov in the corner. He ended the fight as he had started and proved to be a worthy champion over three rounds.

Speaking to Fightstore Media after the fight Norton said, “It feels good to finally have the title at the weight I’m supposed to be fighting at. It was hard training over Christmas but all the dieting paid off.”

“I knew that Alex was very tough and that he can swing from anywhere. The plan was to just go in and see what he was going to do. He tends to tire as the fight goes on while I pick it up towards the end. I wanted to let him hit me more so he wouldn’t cover up and save his energy to drop bombs. In the third round I didn’t want to step back, I kept on top of him and kept working.”

Norton will now look for a shot at the four nation’s title against someone from England or Europe.

For anyone who missed the fight, you can see it below:

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