Alex Akimov unfazed by challenge of upcoming opponent Aaron Browne

Alex Akimov unfazed by challenge of upcoming opponent Aaron Browne

Alex Akimov (309) travels to Middlesborough, UK on Saturday to face Aaron Browne (Chaiyo) in an International K-1 Superfight at the Jingle Bell Brawl which is being hosted by Contender Promotions on the Sunday. Alex will be representing his native Lithuania while Browne will represent Ireland. It is the main fight on the night and Akimov is expecting to see his hand raised at the end of the night.

He told Fightstore Media that he was feeling confident and fully focused on getting the victory. “I’m feeling good and ready, I’ve trained hard for this fight. The last couple of weeks were really difficult but I feel really fit now. I’m going to go in there and start hard from the beginning. I’m prepared for it and I don’t see it lasting more than one round,” he said.

Akimov doesn’t think that the fight will go any further than one round. He expects a quick ending and has no plans to allow Browne to control the fight. Both men have fought before with Browne winning on that occasion but that scenario does not enter the equation this time according to Alex.

“The tactics are easy, I’m just going to go in there and hit hard. He won’t stand when I start landing punches. I’ll meet him in the middle at the first bell,” he said.

Watching his previous fights, Akimov said that Browne was not a ‘very technical’ fighter. “He has been winning fights and whatever he’s doing has been working but it won’t on Sunday.”

Aaron Browne defeated Landis Palacky (309) in his last fight at The Takeover 6 but Alex was not impressed by what he saw that night. “He hugged him for three rounds, there was no skill involved. Our fight will not be about the clinch, I have my tactics. There will be no clinching in this fight.”

Looking ahead to next year, Alex’s next fight will be against Paul Norton (Champion) for the ISKA 67kg title at Warrior FC V. He said, “I’m looking forward to it. Paul is a good guy and he’s more experienced than me so it will be a good contest.”

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More information on the fight can be found on the Contender Promotions Facebook page.

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