Thai Wars

Alex Akimov: I hope Shane McConnell is prepared

This Saturday evening’s Thai Wars card is a fascinating one.  

And perhaps the most intriguing contest is the co-main event between Alex Akimov and Shane McConnell, two highly regarded martial artists.

It will be an A Class Thai bout – five x three-minute rounds.

The respected pair were due to clash at Cian Cowley’s The Takeover at the end of 2016 but Akimov became ill.

“I know he’s a good technical fighter so it should be an interesting fight,” Akimov told Fightstore Media.

“I hope he prepared well for this fight. I’m looking forward to it.”

According to Akimov, his own preparations have been the best yet.

“Training is amazing. Usually I would be six kilos overweight at this time but I’m already on weight. I’m training hard and smashing pads.

He added: “You’re supposed to feel the weakest at this point of camp but I am full of energy and I’m looking forward to Saturday. Again, I hope my opponent is prepared for this fight because I want to have a fucking good hard fight.”

The 309 Phuang Malai combatant will compete on the card with several of his teammates.

He said: “The atmosphere in the changing room is going to be fun, everyone is relaxed and confident. It’s going to be a good night. We are all there to help eachother.”

Akimov has ambitions to fight every month this year and stressed that money doesn’t motivate him.

He was also keen to point out that he would happily have a rematch with Jeanderson Castro and that he hopes to meet Paul Norton again in the future.

“If anyone wants a rematch or a fight, just contact Michael (Paszowski) and that’s it. I will fight anybody. I hope I will get a rematch with Paul. It was a good fight.”

Thai Wars taking place this Saturday 28th of January in the Good Counsel GAA, Davitt Road.

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