Alan Philpott says he’ll finish Shay Walsh in the first or second-round at BAMMA 30

Alan Philpott says he’ll finish Shay Walsh in the first or second-round at BAMMA 30

Alan “The Apprentice” Philpott (16-9-0) feels confident that he will finish Shay Walsh (16-4-0) tomorrow night at BAMMA 30 and lift the BAMMA bantamweight world title.

The Northern Irishman is looking to bounce back from a defeat to former two-weight BAMMA champion Tom Duquesnoy at BAMMA 27 last December.

His performance that night received widespread praise as many believed that he’d given the Frenchman the toughest fight of his career.

Philpott felt overlooked going into that title fight but now things are different.

“This is my third world title fight but it only feels like it’s my first. It feels real this time. Me and Shay will be the main fight. Last time there was the whole Bellator card after. That sort of took a bit of the novelty off the world title fight.

“I took a different approach to my preparation and I just feel so relaxed and calm. It’s definitely the first time that I’ve thought, ‘Wow, I’m fighting for a world title live on TV’, he told Fightstore Media.

Philpott respects Walsh as a fighter but believes that he is on another level compared to the Englishman. He predicts that their fight will not enter a third round.

“He’s no slouch, he’s been at the top for a long time for a reason. I just feel like I’m past those guys now. I wouldn’t say that those guys are on the way down but the new breed is taking over. There’s a lot of new styles out there and you need to be able to adapt.

“You can see in any of my past fights, I’ve always been able to adapt. I’m on the exact same path now but I’m ten times the fighter that I use to be. The things which I have changed have helped push me forward. I’m expecting a tough fight from the start but one that will ultimately go my way.

“I can see a first or second-round TKO or submission. Again, that is just coming from confidence. It’s not cockiness, I don’t think Shay is a bad fighter, I just believe in myself. I believe that my performance will be enough to put him away,” he said.

After BAMMA 27, Philpott took time away from the sport to refocus and reassess the direction of his career.

“I’m a completely different fighter now. My whole approach to the game is totally different.

I’ve brought in Yiannis Fleming to work on my nutrition and get that on point. That’s given me easier weight cuts which will help my performances.

“Technique-wise, we’ve went right back to basics. We’ve worked on a specific strength programme just to get me ready for this fight with Shay because he’s tough and strong. I just can’t wait to get in there now.”

The 24-year-old says that he is only starting to understand the game now and wants to show everyone tomorrow night how much he’s improved as a fighter.

“I’m still only 24. I’m only understanding the game now after nine years of grinding, doing things the hard way and wrong way. I’m only getting started now.

“You’ve seen what I’ve been doing to people with only half-hearted preparation. Wait and see tomorrow night what happens when I have a proper camp and preparation behind me.”

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