Alan Philpott: ‘Being written off against Duquesnoy has pushed me in training’

Alan Philpott: ‘Being written off against Duquesnoy has pushed me in training’

On Friday night, Alan Philpott will challenge the fearsome two weight world champion Tom Duquesnoy for the BAMMA world bantamweight title in the 3Arena. 

This wasn’t a bout made my chance either.

Philpott (16-8) has been gunning for Duquesnoy (13-1) and the world title he possesses.

He confidently told Fightstore Media: “I want to be the best and to be the best you have to take out the best. And at the minute Tom is the one standing in my way.”

Does he feel the media has overlooked his chances on Friday night?

“There was a lot of negativity, but that’s good I thrive off that. People are now starting to understand and see how focused I am, they see the shape I’m in and they know I’m not coming here just to say I’m fighting Tom Duquesnoy for the world title, I’m coming to take that world title.”

The mutual respect between the pair at today’s press conference was evident.

“He’s done marvellous things,” Philpott said of his upcoming opponent. “He’s a young guy like myself chasing his dreams. I’ve got a lot of admiration for him for what he has done. At the end of the day this is business.”

Philpott revealed to us that he has signed a new deal with BAMMA and that he hopes to feature on the upcoming rumoured Belfast card.

“No one deserves that more than me and that’s not me being big headed. I’ve been on every card in Dublin. I bring a big crowd down and they’re a lot of people who can’t make it down too with travel and families. Just think of the crowd if it’s up the road from where I live.”

He continued: “People outside of Ireland don’t see it as North and South, they see as Ireland as Ireland. So when they see Conor McGregor in Dublin they put it all as one. And without getting political, it’s not. It’s two different countries. We are leading the way. We’re not getting the same attention of what we should be. Once we get up there it’s going to change things.”

We concluded by discussing how the fight on Friday night will be played out technically.

“People have been going to fight Tom at his game, I’m not going to do that or stand there with somebody with serious power.

“I’m going to pick him off, get on the inside when I need too, mix it up, take him down, I’m going to make it my fight, not his fight. it’s just me and him down there, it’s up to us who puts it in.”

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