Aaron Browne: ‘It’s the science of fighting and Lionheart have it down to a precision’

Aaron Browne: ‘It’s the science of fighting and Lionheart have it down to a precision’

The energetic enthusiasm with which Aaron Browne answers every question is infectious.

‘Boom Boom’ Browne spoke to Obviously Fight Talk this week ahead of his rematch with veteran Martin Horgan at Cage Kings on February 18th for the Dubliner’s former 70KG title.

You can watch their first encounter below:

“It’s a very very special night where dreams are made and broken,” Browne said of Cage Kings.

He continued: “People don’t realise how different the MMA gloves are. It’s a major difference on the chin when you’re getting caught with them. Even the clinch is completely different, you’re able to hold on. I really really like the cage.”

Browne, who thrived being on the podcast, spoke of his transition to Lionheart gym.

“Collie Mahon on the pads, Jesus Christ, I’ve never seen someone like it, within a couple of minutes of me throwing a combination, (he’d say) ‘no no no if you threw it from this side or done it from an opposite angle,’ the fella can read inches, and I’m not just saying it.”

He added: “It’s the science of fighting; they have it down to a precision. Honestly, thank god I’m after falling on my feet. I’m after finding a home, I’m chuffed. The lads are fucking great.”

The conversation moved on to Browne’s rivalry with Cian Cowley  – the man who stunned Browne by knocking him out emphatically in August 2015 at Cage Kings.

“I won the first round, everyone forgets, everyone only sees the knockout video, it lasts 20-30 seconds, I was winning everything up to that. It’s hard to take. You take it on the chin.”

Browne’s response couldn’t have been more definitive when pressed on whether he wants a rematch.

“I 100% wanted this fight, from the day that knockout happened. I throw my hands up 100%. Cian you were the better man fair play to you, you won’t hear me complain. But the day afterwards I threw in my request to fight him again. I’ve tried.

“I will stick up every fucking belt if that’s what he wants. I love the war, I have the fucking best team in the country. I have no problem. I really would like to make it happen. But I tell you this lads, it wouldn’t happen on a Takeover show, it would happen on a Curragh Legends show.

“If he really wanted he would say let’s go, you know where I am. This is the god honest truth. I’m still here to fight any day. Let’s get this show moving. Let’s go.”

You can catch the full interview Obviously Fight Talk did with Aaron Browne here:


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