Aaron Browne: “It’s my day, it’s my belt and it’s coming home with me”

Aaron Browne: “It’s my day, it’s my belt and it’s coming home with me”

After his Cage Kings triumph in February, Lionheart’s Aaron Browne put the rest of the 67-70 kilo fighters on notice.

His second-round TKO stoppage of Siam Warriors’ Martin Horgan was impressive, not only for his dominant manor of victory but it also showed how he’s developed since joining Lionheart last year.

His message to the 67-70 kilo fighters was clear. He intended to drop down in weight and take over the other divisions.

Origin’s Scotty John will be the first fighter to stand up to his challenge, although their fight at Capital 1 on Saturday night will be for Browne’s ISKA 70kg title.

“Fair play to Scotty for stepping up but it’s going to be my night.

“It’s my day, it’s my belt and it’s coming home with me. I’m not going to a fifth round. Not a hope. Mark my words, watch this space,” he told Fightstore Media.

“I’ve been training so hard for this. I’ve trained harder than I’ve ever trained before. Everything is going right, I’m training with the best in the country and honestly, I can’t see myself being beaten. I know that for a fact. I’ve trained too hard to let this go at this stage.”

While Browne lifted the 70kg Cage Kings title, John collected the 67kg title on the same night with a devastating first-round KO of Siam Warriors Eoin McCarthy. The prospect of having a champion vs. champion bout for both belts at the next Cage Kings appealed to Browne.

“I’m going to be dropping down in weight after this one. Unfortunately, this time it’s for the 70 kilos but afterwards I’m going to change things up. I want to go for that lower belt. I know that Scotty has a nice belt too, I like that one.

“I’d really like that fight. It could be something coming up on the cards. I’d have no problem accepting it.”

His main ambition this year is to gain international recognition. A strong performance over John would be a step in the right direction for him.

“I’ve gone through a lot of fighters. I’m two years unbeaten. I want to get back onto the international scene, that’s really were I want to go. I want to go abroad and compete.

“This is what I’m looking for. I’m the top fighter at 70 kilos for the last two years. I’ve only been defeated once and I haven’t got the rematch of that since,” he said.

Making the switch to Lionheart last year has helped Browne grow in confidence. His performances have been more convincing and he owes this to the new training regime he’s undergone.

“Compared to the training that I was doing beforehand, Lionheart was another level. The boys accepted me in with open arms and everyday here has been another notch on my belt.

“I’m learning so much; stuff that I’ve never even seen before. This has benefitted me so much. I’m ten times the fighter now compared to what I was. We’re going to the top, just watch my rise.”

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