A Knockout night of Muay Thai Action at ‘The Takeover 6’

A Knockout night of Muay Thai Action at ‘The Takeover 6’

Another successful showcase of Irish Muay Thai as The Takeover 6 delivers a night of high-octane action, quality match-ups and an electric atmosphere.

The crowd that packed into Naomh Olaf GAA club witnessed a memorable night of action.

Aaron ‘Boom Boom’ Browne (Chaiyo) delivered a TKO victory in the main event against Landis Plachky (309). The crowd favourite was aggressive from the start pushing a high pace with both fighters engaging each other in the clinch. Landis countered with some good punching but Browne went into the second round on the front foot.

A Knockout night of Muay Thai Action at ‘The Takeover 6’

Aaron Brown declared the winner by TKO

He found his distance and landed some nice kicks to the head and body. The third round was dominated by the clinch. Browne seemed the stronger fighter and got the victory via TKO. Following a barrage of knees to the body Landis was caught with one to the head which knocked him out and caused him to fall out of the ring. The referee brought an end to the contest and it was followed by jubilant scenes for the winner.

Speaking to FightStore Media after the fight Browne said, “I felt as if I had something to prove in there tonight. I was going out the first round to feel him out because I knew he was a strong opponent. When I felt him going after the knee to the head and seen him falling out I knew it was game over.”

Warriors own Daryl Flood defeated Glen Kelly (Forge Muay Thai) in the co-main event following an exciting all-action contest. The fan favourite remained calm against a quality opponent. Early in the first round Kelly was swept off his feet as Flood landed body kicks and countered excellently.

Glen settled into the fight and began pushing forward but Flood seemed to have the answer for every attack. It was a hugely impressive performance from the Warrior’s man given that he’s still only sixteen. He mixed up his shot selection and treated the home crowd to jumping kicks and elbows throughout the fight.

A Knockout night of Muay Thai Action at ‘The Takeover 6’

Glen Kelly (Left) – Daryl Flood (Right)

Moving into the fourth round Glen became more aggressive. Both fighters went back and fourth but Flood got the better of their exchanges. He was successful in his sweep attempts, catching Kelly’s leg kicks and taking his standing leg.

In the final round both fighters went for it. Flood produced a flying kick to the body followed by some brilliant takedowns as Kelly struggled to deal with the pressure being applied. It was a dominant display by Daryl Flood who took the victory by unanimous decision.

Warriors Head Coach Cian Cowley said, “I don’t really need to say much for him. His fighting speaks for itself. I always said it since his first ever fight that he’s the future. He’s had a few ups and downs in his last few fights but there’s no one his age that can compete with him. He’s definitely going to be World level, he has everything.”

There were also many other thrilling fights on the night. Conor Keogh (Warriors) defeated Kieran Stapleton (WMA) by unanimous decision. Keogh’s kicking was superior over the three rounds, switching his stance as Stapleton came forward. He countered with kicks to the body in a series of tidy combo’s. Stapleton brought the fight to him in the second but Keogh answered every advance and did enough to get his hand raised.

Tomaz Krivanec (Bridgestone) kicked his way to victory over Ivo Clinch (Warriors). It was an aggressive start from both men. Ivo had lost of movement but Tomaz used his reach advantage effectively to land numerous strong kicks to the body. Ivo came back with kicks of his own put he struggled to close the distance and Tomaz picked him off with leg kicks.

One of the best match-ups came in the bout between Aidan Coleman (Cork Thai) and Jordan Mathews (Langka). Coleman opened with a strong right kick to the head and Mathews returned with some body kicks of his own. They engaged in the clinch landing knees back and fourth. Coleman got knocked down twice in the second round as Mathews began to take charge of their encounters. He advanced forward, closed the distance and began landing clean punches. His countering was successful and at the final bell he got the victory by unanimous decision.

A Knockout night of Muay Thai Action at ‘The Takeover 6’Perhaps the biggest highlight from the night came when John Mooney stepped into the ring to kick off proceedings. The people’s champion received the biggest reception from the crowd as he made his debut against Matino (Warriors). ‘The Notorious’ made his victory look easy by out-punching Matino and was very impressive over the three rounds. He kicked off his Muay Thai career with a victory by unanimous decision and the crowd went wild.

Head Coach Cian Cowley said that he was very ‘proud’ of John. “I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think he was capable. He ended up punching the head off Matino. John creates a great buzz in the gym. No other sports team or youth club could make him as happy.”

Promoter Cian Cowley was happy at the end of the night. “It was a great night. None of the fighters are badly injured and once the fighters and the crowd leave happy then I’m happy.”

He said that he’d like to thank ‘everyone in the gym who supports me, all my mates and family and everyone who came out to support tonight.’

A Knockout night of Muay Thai Action at ‘The Takeover 6’

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